The Globe Theatre Facts You Should Know

globe theatre

People who loved to enjoy entertainment in theatre may already know about the Globe Theatre facts. Build and completed 1997, the theatre was named upon Shakespeare because of his contribution to the opera and drama and that become an inspiration for the theatre performer. The place is famously known as the midsummer destination for people that were travelling to England. It’s a great choice to spend holiday time to watch drama played in the theatre.

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7 Fun Facts About Disney Movies You Probably Didn’t Know

pinocchio poster disney

Disney films appeal both children and adults. Children get obsessed with animated Disney movies because of their colorful pictures, lovely characters, easy-to-follow storyline, and easy listening songs. Meanwhile, adults enjoy these movies because the movies remind them about their childhood. Although Disney movies are timelessly popular, not many people know about these fun facts about Disney Movies unless they are truly Disney fans.

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6 Fscinating Facts About Film Industry

film industry

Film industry originated in the 19th century. Since then, it has been evolving due to the development of technology and demand of the society. For almost two centuries, there have been ups and downs in the industry but one thing for sure, it keeps growing. Here are some interesting facts about film industry that you may have never heard before.

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6 Titanic Movie Facts That Will Mesmerize You

Titanic Movie

It has been over a decade but the Titanic story remains in our heart, so do Titanic movie facts. For a movie addict, Titanic is like one of the memorable and favourite movies. The fact that it’s based on the real event makes people think about Titanic a lot. How the biggest cruise in late 1980 claim that they’re never drown create an interesting storyline in the movie.

It’s not only the 90s teens or adult who loved the movie. Titanic is loved by the whole movie addict or even not a movie addict wherever the generation they came from. It’s a guideline to understand the drama-tragic-romance story in a movie develop, such as Hamlet or Romeo and Juliet. You may know the plot of Titanic movie, but do you know Titanic movie facts? Well, you are about to know that through the information below.

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5 Fun Facts About Ford’s Theatre That Will Excite You

Ford's Theatre

A lot of people maybe know Ford’s theatre, but do they know the other side of the theatre? Well, same as another place in the world, Ford’s theatre does have facts that make us wonder of it in the first place. Before all of the tragic things happen in Ford’s theatre when President Abraham Lincoln got shot, Ford’s theatre used to be a place to held performance.

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4 Harry Potter Movie Facts Even Hardcore Fans Don’t Know

Movie of Harry Potter

A fantasy movie addict must know Harry Potter movie facts in general. It doesn’t shock everyone when people know Harry Potter movie while the movie is referred to the best seller book across the world when it first released. If you already read the book, you may discover an interesting plot story and the diversity of the character that added colour to the story. Fortunately, the movie can catch the uniqueness although it’s not as detailed as the book.

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4 Ancient Greek Theatre Facts That Will Make You Wonder

ancient greek theatre

Beside place full of god and goddess, Greek also home to the theatre performance that notorious around the world. A lot of stories was written and performed in the great theatre of Ancient Greek, and people will gather to see the performance. The theatre performance or event also called Dionysia, as the festival is to honour the god of fertility, grape-harvest, and wine which is Dionysius.

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