4 Ancient Greek Theatre Facts That Will Make You Wonder

Beside place full of god and goddess, Greek also home to the theatre performance that notorious around the world. A lot of stories was written and performed in the great theatre of Ancient Greek, and people will gather to see the performance. The theatre performance or event also called Dionysia, as the festival is to honour the god of fertility, grape-harvest, and wine which is Dionysius.

There are 2 parts of the Dionysia or Ancient Greek theatre festival called Rural Dionysia and City Dionysia. For the Rural Dionysia, the performance was held in winter. While the rural one held in winter, the City Dionysia festival held in March to April along with the harvesting year’s crops. You can read another fact of Ancient Greek Theatre by looking at this article.

The Theatre Consist of Orchestra, Skene, and Teatron

When you look at the design of the Ancient Greek Theatre, you will see there are several parts of the theatre that meant for something to support the performance. There are orchestra, skene, and teatron. Orchestra is the place for the performance to take place, meanwhile, skene is the place that the actor used to change dress and mask for performance. In teatron, people could see the performance in the seat they occupied.

No Women in The Ancient Greek Theatre

It remains unknown why the women of the Ancient Greek era can’t play in the theatre. As for the early years of the theatre, it only consists of a man playing a performance along with a chorus that sings and dance behind the actor. Later, the number of actors increased to three men. However, still, there are no women that allowed to play in the theatre and it’s still debatable about women existence as the audience in there.

There Are 4 Parts In Greek Comedy

Just like a plot of a story, a Greek comedy does have each part and it was meant to standardize the story so the audience won’t be confused. In the first part, it was filled by parados with the chorus singing and dancing. Then, the actors had a conversation in a part called agon and continued by parabasis. After that, the exodus became a closing with song and danced.

Ancient Greek Theatre Influence The Western Drama

Indeed, it was. Consider the Ancient Greek Theatre is long before the western drama and it has spread around the world, people will try to use the plotline and adapt the drama into their style. Because of that, the western drama usually had 3 genres which are satyr, comedy, and tragedy. That came from Ancient Greek.

With the richness of the stories, we can say that the Ancient Greek Theatre was an important part of life in the era of Ancient Greek. Beside of that, it also shows that Greek people create their entertainment by resulting in a drama that can watch by every society in Greek. No wonder that a lot of people were influenced by the Greek theatre plays. Now that you know Ancient Greek Theatre facts, we hope it will give you knowledge about ancient history.

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