4 Harry Potter Movie Facts Even Hardcore Fans Don’t Know

A fantasy movie addict must know Harry Potter movie facts in general. It doesn’t shock everyone when people know Harry Potter movie while the movie is referred to the best seller book across the world when it first released. If you already read the book, you may discover an interesting plot story and the diversity of the character that added colour to the story. Fortunately, the movie can catch the uniqueness although it’s not as detailed as the book.

With the number of Harry Potter movies, there must be fun facts that happen in the scene of the movies. Moreover, the actors were growing up together as they filming the movie. Let’s said all actors from Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson to Tom Felton make a strong bound after filming the movie together. If you are the Harry Potter fans and you thirsty for that, here are the movie facts that you may haven’t know about it.

The Movie Crew Teach The Owls To Carry Letter

To teach owls to carry the mail maybe become the biggest things to undertake in the movie filming process. The process spends months after the owl become good at handling mail in their claws. For the sake of the realness, the movie crew even hand-writing the letter to the Dursley’s house as the invitation letter from Hogwarts to Harry. What a totalistic!

Tom Felton Auditioned For Harry and Ron Before Draco

Don’t you dare to hate Tom Felton because he plays Draco. He even auditioned for Harry and Ron before Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint were cast. He’s more suitable for playing Draco Malfoy, one of the Slytherin boy that keeps his house dignity wherever he goes and whatever he does. We must appreciate, he’s such a dedicating actor.

The Actor Once Had A Tasked From The Director

In the third movie of Harry Potter named Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban, their producer, Alberto Cuaron asked Radcliffe, Watson, and Grint to write an essay about their character before movie filming. The funny thing is, each of them resembles their character very much. Radcliffe with his 1-page essay, Watson with 16 pages essay, and Grint with no essay!

Daniel Radcliffe Wore 160 Different Glasses

Through 8 movies, Radcliffe wore 160 different glasses and change about 60 wands to filming the shoot. It’s because of his character story to keep him changing glasses and wands so that he could filming comfortably without any obstacle. If you are a hard fan, you must know that Radcliffe himself doesn’t wear glasses. That show he’s indeed a real actor.

So, do you know all of the facts before we told you? We assure that even there just a few hard fans that know these facts because many events happened in the filming. That also showed that the movie crew, from actors to director put a lot of effort on the movie so it could become memorable for the fans and indeed, represent the books. After reading the Harry Potter movie facts, you may want to re-watch the movie again to refresh the scene.

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