5 Fun Facts About Ford’s Theatre That Will Excite You

A lot of people maybe know Ford’s theatre, but do they know the other side of the theatre? Well, same as another place in the world, Ford’s theatre does have facts that make us wonder of it in the first place. Before all of the tragic things happen in Ford’s theatre when President Abraham Lincoln got shot, Ford’s theatre used to be a place to held performance.

Build by the entrepreneur from Baltimore named John T. Ford in 1861, in the first place, the theatre was a church stand in 10th street. Ford then change it slowly to a theatre by giving a name to the place as Ford’s Athenaeum, which is referred to the library or the institutions for scientific study. In 1862, the building was destroyed because of the fire in the street. Ford’s later build the new theatre in 1863.

The Theatre Were Converted To The Office After Tragedy

In 1865, exactly one year after Abraham Lincoln got shot by a man named Brooth, Ford rethinks to open his theatre. But then, a lot of people protest and plan to fire the theatre as the idea of re-opening. To make both sides win, Edwin Stanton as the Secretary of War decide to put the 24-hour watch to make sure it was burned. After that, Washington’s YMCA buys the theatre and convert it into the federal office around 1867.

It Runs By National Park Service in 1932

Considering the building is full of historic and match for the museum, the government then charges the treatment responsibility to the National Park Service (NPS). The NPS then run the theatre until 1960 because there has to be a restoration of the building. It was reopening again in 1968 and it resumes as the working theatre and historic site.

In 2008, the theatre had a major renovation to support the historical functions of the place. There is a Lincoln education centre for people who want to read the book and knowing the story of the president in the education centre. It also linked in with Peterson House, where the president was rescued right after he got shot in Ford’s Theatre.

The Theatre Was Collapsed Once

A long time ago in 1893, after the government buy the building, there are accidents in Ford’s Theatre which 22 people killed and 68 people had a serious injury. It caused by the interior collapsed while there are plays in the theatre and the accident happened suddenly. The government then add some minor replacement of the stronger interior to prevent accidents again.

Ticket’s Price of Ford’s Theatre

While people want to watch the plays at the theatre, they usually spend $1 to $25 for one show. In the important events where the state officials attended, the ticket’s price usually cost more than $25 for the best place to watch the play. The capacity of the audience can reach up to 1,700 which is quite a great theatre to hold a play.

Now, It Becomes Famous Tourist Attraction

After many events happen in the past, Ford’s Theatre becomes the famous tourist attraction while the international or domestic tourist visiting the theatre. It’s the busiest time when the Christmas holiday is about to come and people celebrate the joy of Christmas in Washington D.C. with their family.

The theatre has done many things in consecutive years. You can sense that something big happens in the theatre once you set your foot there. From the fire across the street until the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln, this place needs to treat and keep because it’s the part of the history now. We hope the article about fun facts about Ford’s theatre will help you to know the origin of the theatre.

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