6 Titanic Movie Facts That Will Mesmerize You

It has been over a decade but the Titanic story remains in our heart, so do Titanic movie facts. For a movie addict, Titanic is like one of the memorable and favourite movies. The fact that it’s based on the real event makes people think about Titanic a lot. How the biggest cruise in late 1980 claim that they’re never drown create an interesting storyline in the movie.

It’s not only the 90s teens or adult who loved the movie. Titanic is loved by the whole movie addict or even not a movie addict wherever the generation they came from. It’s a guideline to understand the drama-tragic-romance story in a movie develop, such as Hamlet or Romeo and Juliet. You may know the plot of Titanic movie, but do you know Titanic movie facts? Well, you are about to know that through the information below.

Titanic Movie Facts: Old Rose’s Cast is The Only Cast Experience in Titanic Era

Gloria Stuart, act as the Old Rose is on her 2 when RMS Titanic go abroad in the Atlantic and then gone forever. She then becomes the oldest when she became the nominee of Best Supporting Actress in 1998. Even though she’s not winning the award, she still becomes one of the favourite actresses because of the role she played in the movie.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet Almost Doesn’t Get Cast

Just like a normal movie casting, there are another actresses and actors who listed as a Jack and Rose in the movie. There are several reports said that Gwyneth Paltrow and Matthew McConaughey will be the Rose and Jack in the Titanic movie. But later, Kate Winslet casting for an audition and feel that she must become the role she wants. She even calls James Cameron, the movie director, to make sure that he cast her right away. Now we all see why she’s determined for the cast.

DiCaprio Farted in Scene and Swept It To Winslet’s Face

Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio known as best friends before the two had roles in the movie. For your information, Winslet is the one who convinced DiCaprio to become Jack in the megahit movie. In the time where they do some scene, DiCaprio keeps fart and sweep it to Winslet’s Face. Cameron said it’s DiCaprio duty to make her feel gross. Their relationship as best friends getting tighter, thanks for Titanic movie.

Titanic Movie Cost More Than A Titanic Ship

It cost $7.5 million for making the Titanic ship in 1912. If we count it with the inflation, the number almost reach $180 million for today. Meanwhile, the Titanic movie cost approximately $200 million in 1997. That means, the movie cost more than a ship. Consider it’s worth the way because the movie is rank top on the must-watch movie list until now.

The Water Tanks Make Them Peeing

In an interview, Kate Winslet told the magazine that the scene where Titanic was half-sink and they need to get out from the ship, DiCaprio said to her that he needs to pee right away. She recalls, “Sweetie, I have to go pee..” as a code that he went pee on the water tank. It’s acceptable because they are filming the scene for more than 6 hours and can’t going anywhere unless finishing the shoot.

The Movie’s Song “My Heart Will Go On” Is Recorded Secretly

In the first attempt of the movie’s soundtrack, Celine Dion recorded the demo secretly because the movie cast doesn’t plan on the soundtrack. But when Celine sang it right away, Cameron said he was directly electrifying by the way Dion sang it and Dion was crying after sing two to third lines. They all then decide the song is for the movie soundtrack.

In Titanic, we know that even the so-called greatest cruise can sink right away after its first departure. Making us realize that nobody knows nothing about the future, and we must ready to embrace it however it goes. Other than that, Titanic teach us about love doesn’t always about kiss or lust, it’s also about the sacrifice we decide to the one we love. That is all about Titanic movie facts that make you Mesmerize about that.

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