The Globe Theatre Facts You Should Know

People who loved to enjoy entertainment in theatre may already know about the Globe Theatre facts. Build and completed 1997, the theatre was named upon Shakespeare because of his contribution to the opera and drama and that become an inspiration for the theatre performer. The place is famously known as the midsummer destination for people that were travelling to England. It’s a great choice to spend holiday time to watch drama played in the theatre.

Besides that, the architecture was similar to the Colosseum. From the outside part to the inside part of the theatre, it resembles Colosseum so much that even people who entered to there will feel like they watch a Gladiator match. Thanks to Elizabeth, we can see the “little” Colosseum in London. But do you know that Globe Theatre now is a rebuild version of the past Globe Theatre? You can get the full explanation through the information below.

There Are 3 Globe Theatre

In 1599, the first and original Globe Theatre built not near from the Southbank of Thames and destroyed because of the fire in 1613. Later, the theatre was rebuilt but unfortunately, the performance had to stop because it was against the moral and religious behavior in London that day. The theatre was a force to closed 1944. That means, there are 3 Globe Theatre that listed in the Globe Theatre history.

Shakespeare Itself Was Part of The Owner

Rather than using a building just for his name, Shakespeare does become part of the theatre owner. He even tells the theatre in one of his work named The Tempted. That happened because the company leading’s actor doesn’t have enough capital to start building their first theatre in Shoreditch. Shakespeare then invests the money to the building and had 12.5% of a shareholder of the theatre until now.

The Theatre Flying Up The Flag To Tell The Genre

It’s very common to see the theatre inform to the attendee about the genres of the drama that they held through the posters or online information that can be accessed from the website. But, have you ever seen that the theatre flying up the flag to let you know about the genre? Well, maybe that just happens in The Globe Theatre. Black meant for tragedy, while red for history genres and white is for comedy.

Building The Globe is Quite a Drama

When Shakespeare invests his money to their first theatre named Shoreditch, the company members then try to build a greater theatre that we know is The Globe Theatre. Before it was built, their old landlord, Mr Allen, accused of the company stole his timber and keep it in the yard of Thames. He said, he never let them take his goods ownerships.

Although now Globe Theatre you can visit is not the original one, you still can experience the great performance by buying a ticket to the show or using your London Pass to enter the globe. It’s a perfect time for watching the performance while the air was cool and the weather is fair. We hope this The Globe Theatre facts will help you.

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