5 Fun Facts About Ford’s Theatre That Will Excite You

Ford's Theatre

A lot of people maybe know Ford’s theatre, but do they know the other side of the theatre? Well, same as another place in the world, Ford’s theatre does have facts that make us wonder of it in the first place. Before all of the tragic things happen in Ford’s theatre when President Abraham Lincoln got shot, Ford’s theatre used to be a place to held performance.

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4 Ancient Greek Theatre Facts That Will Make You Wonder

ancient greek theatre

Beside place full of god and goddess, Greek also home to the theatre performance that notorious around the world. A lot of stories was written and performed in the great theatre of Ancient Greek, and people will gather to see the performance. The theatre performance or event also called Dionysia, as the festival is to honour the god of fertility, grape-harvest, and wine which is Dionysius.

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